"Why are we all here? Because we're not all there!" R. Clipner (1983)

This is one of my favorite quotes and you can only be absolutely sure of its true meaning, if you were there to witness the brilliant guy say it. You had to observe his body language, see the look in his eyes and hear the inflection in his voice to "Get it." The same can be said about how Emerjamcy works. We observe and listen to what the other is doing to understand what's happening, to "Get it." But we are not passive observers. We take it one step further by inventing and developing a musical conversation and keep it alive by changing subjects and settings as we play. Our ideas, sounds and songs are created through this spontaneous interaction and non-verbal communication but things also happen by searching the equipment for new sounds, by anticipation, by accident, by chance, by nature and by attempting the impossible. We've only been at it for about a year now, so there's plenty more on the way. Check us out, have fun and "Get it." CB (Feb. 2015)
Emerjamcy is...

Chris on the drums, bells and percussion

Bernhard on the guitar and doubleneck guitar(s), background vocals

<We'll update this info shortly> on keyboards - Thank you Martin for your talent, time and spirit!

<Please insert your name here> on bass

<Please insert your name here> on lead vocals