YES - Drama & Fragile

YES put on a fantastic show in Volkshaus Friday night and it was an honor and a privilege to see the band at the Meet & Greet afterwards. Thank you gentlemen! I had met Geoffrey Downes and Steve Howe 34 years ago at Peaches Records & Tapes in Overland Park, Kansas, south of Kansas City while they were touring for the very first ASIA album and Geoffrey actually remembered the gig. I mentioned to him that we had met before and that is was very hot the day of the gig, July 4th 1982 at 2:00pm outdoors. He immediately said, "108 degrees" and then paused for a few seconds and said, "Starlight Theater." Wow, what a memory! They actually put dry ice on top of much of the equipment to try and keep everything cool; that's probably hard to forget. Hope to see them all again soon!