Drum Festival Switzerland 2015 - 16 Hours of Fun!

On Saturday September 26th I had the honour, privilege and pleasure of spending a 16h day with 9 fantastic musicians, respectively drummers with multiple talents, and a whole group of people working and helping to produce the second annual Drum Festival Switzerland in Winterthur, Switzerland. If everyone else on this planet was only half as friendly as all of these people, there would be world peace by the end of this week! (I am not joking!) I had this same feeling after last years’ event and therefore also include those artists and contributors from 2014 in my previous statement. Thank you all! And a special thanks to Roman Bochsler for creating this incredible event and to everyone else for all of their efforts, many of which were done voluntarily without any form of compensation except for the excitement and fun of the event itself! And last but not least, a very big THANK YOU to everyone that came to the event! You also make it possible. I hope that you had a wonderful time!
Sincerely, CB

More to follow...