Sorry for the long wait....

I apologize for this blog being inactive for so long but priorities are just that, priorities. Here are a few thoughts and I will refrain from writing any novels...

I can't begin without mentioning the passing of Keith Emerson on March 10th, my biggest musical hero and a person that changed more lives than can be counted. I won't go into any details nor my thoughts after hearing the news (see FB), there have been countless postings everywhere in the web and the world. Rest in peace Keith and as many have also noted, rest in prog! You will be forever missed but never forgotten.

Thanks again to Royal Hunt and D.C. Cooper for two great shows, one here in Switzerland and one in Germany nearby. You guys rock!

Thanks to Dream Theater for their epic "The Astonishing" show in Zürich.

Now it's time for business... Emerjamcy is looking for both a singer and a bassist. If you have any interest please contact me at...
  • not-loud-enough
  •                            at
  •                               gmx
  •                                      dot
  •                                           net

BTW, the location of the ER has changed and finds itself about 100m west of the original one. And we are now 24/7 including heat! (The middle ages are in our past now.) Many thanks to those of you that made this possible; you rock!