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News from the ER

Korn - Ray Luzier 

Many thanks to Korn for a great show here in Zürich-Stettbach Saturday night! And a very special thanks to Ray Luzier, drummer for Korn and one of the nicest people on the planet!!! I helped Ray when he headlined the Drum Festival Switzerland in 2015 and he invited Roman Bochsler, the head of DFS, and I backstage to chat with him before the show. We were also honored to be on stage to watch the entire show! Amongst other Korn family and friends, we were standing next to Vinnie Paul, best known as the drummer for Pantera, Damageplan and his new band Hellyeah that opened the show and Tommy Henriksen, guitar player for Alice Cooper. A big thank you also goes to Roman for keeping in touch with Ray and organising our visit! Good luck guys with the rest of the tour, have fun and thanks again!

YES - Drama & Fragile 

YES put on a fantastic show in Volkshaus Friday night and it was an honor and a privilege to see the band at the Meet & Greet afterwards. Thank you gentlemen! I had met Geoffrey Downes and Steve Howe 34 years ago at Peaches Records & Tapes in Overland Park, Kansas, south of Kansas City while they were touring for the very first ASIA album and Geoffrey actually remembered the gig. I mentioned to him that we had met before and that is was very hot the day of the gig, July 4th 1982 at 2:00pm outdoors. He immediately said, "108 degrees" and then paused for a few seconds and said, "Starlight Theater." Wow, what a memory! They actually put dry ice on top of much of the equipment to try and keep everything cool; that's probably hard to forget. Hope to see them all again soon!

Sorry for the long wait.... 

I apologize for this blog being inactive for so long but priorities are just that, priorities. Here are a few thoughts and I will refrain from writing any novels...

I can't begin without mentioning the passing of Keith Emerson on March 10th, my biggest musical hero and a person that changed more lives than can be counted. I won't go into any details nor my thoughts after hearing the news (see FB), there have been countless postings everywhere in the web and the world. Rest in peace Keith and as many have also noted, rest in prog! You will be forever missed but never forgotten.

Thanks again to Royal Hunt and D.C. Cooper for two great shows, one here in Switzerland and one in Germany nearby. You guys rock!

Thanks to Dream Theater for their epic "The Astonishing" show in Zürich.

Now it's time for business... Emerjamcy is looking for both a singer and a bassist. If you have any interest please contact me at...
  • not-loud-enough
  •                            at
  •                               gmx
  •                                      dot
  •                                           net

BTW, the location of the ER has changed and finds itself about 100m west of the original one. And we are now 24/7 including heat! (The middle ages are in our past now.) Many thanks to those of you that made this possible; you rock!


Drum Festival Switzerland 2015 - 16 Hours of Fun! 

On Saturday September 26th I had the honour, privilege and pleasure of spending a 16h day with 9 fantastic musicians, respectively drummers with multiple talents, and a whole group of people working and helping to produce the second annual Drum Festival Switzerland in Winterthur, Switzerland. If everyone else on this planet was only half as friendly as all of these people, there would be world peace by the end of this week! (I am not joking!) I had this same feeling after last years’ event and therefore also include those artists and contributors from 2014 in my previous statement. Thank you all! And a special thanks to Roman Bochsler for creating this incredible event and to everyone else for all of their efforts, many of which were done voluntarily without any form of compensation except for the excitement and fun of the event itself! And last but not least, a very big THANK YOU to everyone that came to the event! You also make it possible. I hope that you had a wonderful time!
Sincerely, CB

More to follow...

The Next "Axe"periment 

What do you get when you put a 1977 Ibanez Model 2404 doubleneck 4 string bass / 6 string guitar in a room with a guitarist, a keyboarder/bassist/acoustic-guitarist and a drummer?

To tell you the truth, we don't know either!

But that is exactly as it should be; it's the next experiment, or "axe"periment as we like to call it, now that we have more or less given up on finding a bass-player. Burnhard will be the first (and probably the last) to take on the challenge and attack all 10 strings at one time and we wish him the best of luck! We'll keep you posted as the situation develops; have a look a the photo gallery.

Another endangered species, the Bass Player...  

They add a lot of everything to any song or sound but they are extremely rare and therefore hard to find... at least in the Zürich area of Switzerland. So if you happen to know one, then please let us or him/her know. Thanks. There is enough fun to go around for everyone...

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